Jewelry Education

You've got questions. We've got answers! From caring for your jewelry to making an informed purchasing decision, look through our reference materials and guides to take your jewelry game to the next level.


Jewelry Care Guide

Self-care is important and your jewelry needs it too! Find out how to maintain the quality of your jewelry for years to come.

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Precious Metals Guide

Take this golden opportunity to learn all about the precious metals we use that put the "fine" in fine jewelry!

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Diamond Guide

Learn about the stones that sparkle and shine as much as your smile does. This look at diamonds will have you falling in love.

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Necklace Buying Guide

Necklace Style Guide

Necklaces provide a fun opportunity to enhance your look using chains, pendants, and charms.

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Jewelry Glossary

Refer to our glossary for a breakdown of commonly used terminology related to diamonds, gemstones, and much more.

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Earring Style Guide

From studs and dangles to hoops and huggies, there are so many options to creating a look that is truly unique.

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Stackable Ring Style Guide

Stackable Ring Style Guide

What you need is a curated selection of the perfect stackable rings to make a real statement.

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Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Guide

Add a splash of color to any look with stunning gemstones.

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